Bard 2012 :: Love's Labour's Lost

A Shakespearean Steam Punk Romance!

Bard on the Bandstand 2012: Love's Labour's Lost

Production dates: July 19 – 22 in Pitt Meadows and July 26-29 in Maple Ridge.

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Steampunk airship pirate

This year Bard on the Bandstand 2012: Love's Labour's Lost is taking on a “steam punk” concept,complete with an airship! Surprisingly, the steampunk theme works really well with Shakespeare's story about finding the balance between love, life and work.  If you aren't sure what "steampunk" is all about, think Victorian science fiction ala H.G. Wells, Sherlock Holmes and Jules Verne. Frock coats with metalworks and goggles! (see links below). It's history reimagined!

La FranceSynopsis: Ferdinand and his 3 buddies are geek scientists in the obscure, isolated observatory community of Navare, who swear off women for 3 years, as well as give up food and sleep, in order to study and become wise, hoping to make Navarre the envy of the universe. But they forgot that the princess of France is arriving to settle some outstanding business. The girls are “airship pirates” who are tough and sexy, independent and mischievous. They live life to the fullest and the boys are instantly enamoured - well, who wouldn't be? As you might imagine, it isn't long before the boys rethink their oaths and decide to woo the girls. But will the girls be wooed? Hmmm...

Love's Labour's Lost is full of quirky characters, physical comedy, dance, poetry and music. Boyet is the the Airship captain and the girls’ confident ... he likes the ladies, but has a secret crush on the princess. Armado (a visiting Spaniard) + Mote (his assistant) are a great comic duo, along with Jaquenetta (a local girl who is caught with Costard), Costard (a local comedian) and Dull (a security officer). Holofernes and Nathaniel provide extra fun as local elders.

Here's is one of Berowne's monologues, lamenting the fact that he now finds himself in love, against all odds and his better judgement!


The king, he is hunting the deer; I am coursing
myself: they have pitched a toil; I am toiling in
a pitch, --pitch that defiles: defile! a foul
word. Well, set thee down, sorrow! for so they say
the fool said, and so say I, and I the fool: well
proved, wit! By the Lord, this love is as mad as
Ajax: it kills sheep; it kills me, I a sheep:
well proved again o' my side! I will not love: if
I do, hang me; i' faith, I will not. O, but her
eye,--by this light, but for her eye, I would not
love her; yes, for her two eyes. Well, I do nothing
in the world but lie, and lie in my throat. By
heaven, I do love: and it hath taught me to rhyme
and to be melancholy; and here is part of my rhyme,
and here my melancholy. Well, she hath one o' my
sonnets already: the clown bore it, the fool sent
it, and the lady hath it: sweet clown, sweeter
fool, sweetest lady! By the world, I would not care
a pin, if the other three were in.

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