The Little Years by John Mighton


to all the participants at the 2017 FVZ festival


Congratulations to Emerald Pig's

John Nolan: Best Supporting Actor

for his roles as Mr. Castle/Mr. York in the Little Years



Lynne Karey-McKenna: Honorable Mention

Best Supporting Actress

for her role as Alice in the Little Years


Beth Scott: Adjudicator's Choice Award

Best Youth Actor - Female

for her role as Young Kate/Tanya in the Little Years


New poster


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The Little Years follows Kate over the course of 45 years from her youth, filled with creative ideas about time and space, but quashed by a rigid system into which she does not fit, into her adult years, empty with disappointment and bitterness. John Mighton’s own experience with the education system has shaped much of his literary and mathematical career. “I’m hoping that the play will also bring some attention to the work we’re doing with kids so that they won’t have the same experience as Kate. Because it’s still happening, kids feeling that they can’t do something or don’t have the potential to succeed. I think that is a great tragedy.” The Little Years is an opportunity to explore our ideas of time and space, the intersection of art and science, our hopes for the future and the unexpected ways we inspire each other.

Read the Globe and Mail article (2012) The Little Years: A Sad Meditation on the Deceptive Nature of Time

The Globe and Mail ( 2012) A Meditation on Lost Potential

About the playwright: John Mighton

John Mighton

 John Mighton

"I'm thrilled and honoured that you are staging The Little Years.

I love your poster and what you wrote about the play, so I'm sure that audiences will appreciate the work your team has done. Please say hi to everyone for me and thank them for all the thought and passion they have put into the production." ~ John

Author's Agent: Great North Artists Management, 350 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5R 1V9

The Little Years premiered at Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, November 1995 as part of the Why Theatre Conference. This version was commissioned by The Stratford Shakespeare Festival where it received its World Premiere in 2011. Des McAnuff, Artistic Director; Antoni Cimolino, General Director.


Event BriteTickets available on Eventbrite or at the door:

May 4: PREVIEW / OPENING NIGHT at North Fraser Event Centre,

9975 272 Street, Maple Ridge

Join us for a reception with the cast after the show

May 5 - 6: Preview Nights 2 + 3 at North Fraser Event Centre

9975 272 Street, Maple Ridge

May 18 - 20: Open Door Theatre,

11391 Dartford St, Maple Ridge

Join us for our closing night reception after the show




Introducing the Cast of the Little Years

The Little Years poster

Introducing the Cast of The Little Years:click here

Rina Varley............................................. Kate

Beth Scott.............................................. Young Kate/Tanya

Lynne Karey-McKenna.............................. Alice

Mary-Ellen Shimell................................... Grace

Michael Stusiak........................................ Roger

John Nolan.............................................. Mr. Castle/Mr. York

Michelle Karey-Mckenna............................ Mary

Brando Kotarski........................................ Norman






Lynne Karey-McKenna reflecting on her role as Kate's mother, Alice:


For Mother’s Day, when my son was about 15, he gave me a coffee mug which he had painted on: “let my love of mom be x, then  (2x2 -3x)/x -3-10, Let mom be y  then y > or equal to 0, y2-y-1=0, y=(1+Square root 5)/2 “ My dogs are named Telemachus Rhade and RevBem, named by my children. So I can certainly understand, appreciate and even rejoice in the relationships and time dilemmas’ of Alice and Kate, and all the little things that add up to make our little lives a little less little.  This is my second opportunity to do a Mighton play (I was Clara in Half-Life for Deep Cove Players) and I am so grateful to Sharon, the cast, crew, my family and John Mighton for allowing me to share this moment of time with you.


feminine     Mother


"My mother wanted me to go to finishing school.'You were born female', she said, 'but you have to learn to be feminine.' "  

best host


Grace Mary Ellen Shimell


This has been Mary Ellen's season of "grace" with the Emerald Pig Theatrical Society, playing two characters with that name. As a former teacher, Mary Ellen thanks educators who have helped girls (and boys) reject gender limitations to become all they can, and want to, be.Grace's collage





Michelle Karey-McKenna as Mary

Michelle has been involved with theatre as far back as she can remember, both on the stage and behind it. Most recently she was involved in Alchemy Theatre’s production of the Taming of the Shrew and UNBC Musical Production’s The Addams Family Musical. She hopes you all enjoy this thought-provoking journey through time and science!



Mr. Castle / Mr. York

John Nolan 

John Nolan as Mr. Castle / Mr. York

John is a theatre professional of more than 30 years. As a director, actor, teacher and playwright, John cut his creative teeth in BC community theatre before moving on to professional performances with companies like the Nanaimo Festival, (now Theatre One), and the Chemainus Theatre. He has written, produced and directed several original plays and received critical acclaim for many of his leading roles. Twice he received the best actor award at the Theatre BC mainstage for his performances in the one man play Clarence Darrow and RP McMurphy (One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest).Eventbright logoClick here for tickets


Mr. Castle


Brando Kotarski as Norman
Brando Kotarski as Norman
After a two year acting hiatus from his days at Garibaldi Secondary, Brando returns to the stage helping out where he can with the cast of "the Little Years". Brando currently, studies audio engineering at douglas college and is singer/songwriter for bands Igetbye and sly-detrick (check em out). He was originally hired as the sound engineer, but the call of the stage was too strong to resist. Brando is honored to be part of such a talented cast  and crew and looks forward to performing with them. Enjoy the show!


The Little Years: Kate

Meet Rina Varley as Kate:

Rina Varley Kate's collage
Rina is thrilled to be playing Kate, a strong, independent role model with a brilliant mind and a real disease.  Rina herself manages a mental disorder.  "Playing Kate gives me a chance to show that the combination of environmental factors and genetics garner very different outcomes."  Read up on Rina's real-life journey at

What happens when you have a nonlinear mind, but you are trapped in a linear world?

"I had so much to give. So much love." ~ Kate




The Little Years: Preview Nights

4 May 2017 08:00
6 May 2017 10:00

New poster

The Little Years by John Mighton, directed by Sharon Malone

Click here for tickets for May 4 - 6 at the North Fraser Event Centre, 9975 272nd St. Maple Ridge:

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What our opening night audience had to say about the show:

"The themes of immortality, creativity and universal truths were echoed and interwoven across multiple formats: a beautifully situated and choreographed dance, an original soundscape, lovely layered projected images and video all enhanced the playwrights's words."

"There were several lines that resonated with me deeply, and the actors' characterizations made the people real to me. Fantastic costuming, excellent venue (love the colourful LEDs at this place, so you can really have anything you want)."

"I got teary at that final scene with Kate and Grace. So glad to be part of it"




Young Kate

Beth Scott.............................................. Young Kate/Tanya

Beth Scott Beth is very excited to be joining the cast of "The Little Years" in her first Emerald Pig production. She is trained in musical theatre and has recently been seen in "The Wizard of Oz" (Gateway Theatre) and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (Align Entertainment). She would like to thank the cast and directing team for this opportunity, as well as Carol Seitz and Joanna Anoynochuk, who push her to be the best she can be, and her parents, who are always there to help her achieve her goals. Enjoy the Show!
Young Kate's collage
notebook2 Tanya

Tanya's collage

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The Little Years at the Open Door

18 May 2017 08:00
20 May 2017 10:00

The Little Years by John Mighton, directed by Sharon Malone

May 18 - 20 at The Open Door Theatre, 11391 Dartford St. Maple Ridge, BC

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