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Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding!

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15 Men and 11 Women Required

Company: Emerald Pig Theatre
Directed by Aaron Davis
Produced by Sharon Malone
Audition Dates: June 30, July 7, and July 14, 2018
Audition Venue: TBA (Pre-Registration Required)


* Improv and/or Interactive theatre experience is an asset but by no means required.
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* Once registered, actors will be contacted via email to confirm specific location and time slot.

October 25, 26, 27, and 28 – November 1, 2, 3, and 4

South Bonson Community Centre – Pitt Meadows, BC

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is a one-of-a-kind night theatrical experience like no other! It’s a comedy staged as a festive celebration in which the audience doesn’t just watch the show, but participates directly in the fun as members of the family or friends of the bride and groom. From the wedding ceremony to the reception, join Tony and Tina’s colorful and madcap Italian-American families in a show people are never soon to forget.

By blurring the line between fantasy and reality, the show works its magic and draws the audience into eating, drinking, dancing and conversing, just as you would at a real wedding. They will experience (and be part of!) the surprises and drama of a real wedding as they get caught up in the celebration, partying along with the rest of Tony and Tina’s family and friends as if they’ve known them for years.

That’s how Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding has won over the hearts of thousands of people since the show first opened in New York City in 1988. The longest running Off-Broadway show has since enjoyed extended runs and worldwide success, with performances in over 100 cities across the US, Europe and Asia.

From the first toast to the last slice of cake, critics agree! Everyone will want to RSVP for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.

(15 Males – 11 Females)
(Some ages are approximate and may be played by performers that are younger/older)

TONY - groom, mid 20s, handsome, rowdy, charming
TINA - bride, mid 20s, pretty, party girl, headstrong, tough
BARRY - best man, late 20s, everybody's pal, drug dealer
CONNIE - maid of honor, late 20s, pregnant, jaded
DOMINIC - usher, mid 20s, party animal with a heart of gold
DONNA - bridesmaid, mid 20s, cute white trash, good singer
JOHNNY - usher, 20s, Tony's little brother, a cute flirt
MARINA - bridesmaid, mid 20s, insecure tag-along, the gang's doormat
JOSEPHINA - Tina's mom, 45, strong willed, overweight, a martyr
LUIGI - Tina's great uncle, late 70s, old world gentleman, speaks Italian
JOEY - Tina's brother, 30, gay, loves "show biz," not flamboyant
SISTER ALBERT MARIA - Tina's cousin, mid 20's, family oddball
TONY NUNZIO, SR. - Tony's dad, 50, charismatic in a sleazy way, sees himself as king
MADELINE MONROE - Tony's Sr.'s girlfriend, 20s, stripper, good looking and hard living
GRANDMA NUNZIO - Tony's grandma, 70s, spry, a litte crazy
MICHAEL JUST - late 20s, Tina's ex-boyfriend, just got out of reheab, a burnout
FATHER MARK - priest, 30s, thinks he’s hip and one of the gang
SAL ANTONUCCI - photographer, 40, pushy, eccentric, used car salesman type (PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS REQUIRED)
VINNIE BLACK - caterer, late 40s, amateur comedian, used car salesman type
LORETTA BLACK - Vinnie's wife, late 40s, brown beaten by Vinnie, a little worn
DONNY DULCE - late 20s, sexy leader of the wedding band, excellent pop singer
CELESTE ROMANAO - keyboard player and vocalist for the wedding band, trampy but attractive
RICK DeMARCO - 20s, hired to videotape wedding, Joey's boyfriend (VIDEO CAMERA OPERATION REQUIRED)