Announcing the Cast of Bard 2017: Twelfth Night

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Twelfth Night, capping off Bard on the Bandstand's Twelfth season, is coming soon and this raucous bunch are not going to let shipwreck, a brother's loss, gender, cross gartering or cross gendering, unrequited love, pirates or pesky puritans keep them from partying!

Introducing Our Outstanding Cast


BARD on the Bandstand 2017:

Twelfth Night


Orsino - Reg Pillay
Sea Captain- Allan Webner
Viola - Hana O'Reilly
Olivia - Angela Bell
Maria - Colleen Byberg
Sir Toby - John Cousins
Malvolio- John Nolan
Sebastian- Brendan Allan
Antonia - Mary Ellen Shimell
Sir Andrew - Christopher Stanwood
Fabian - Kai Paquette
Feste- Tove Gulbrandsen
The Company: Jenn Challenger, Branden Challenger, Melissa Fox

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