Bard on the Bandstand 2017: Twelfth Night AUDITIONS


Bard on the Bandstand 2017: Twelfth Night  


March 5: 4 pm - 6 pm

Maple Ridge Leisure Centre - preschool room

Production Dates:
July 13-15 at Spirit Square, Pitt Meadows (not yet confirmed)

July 20-22 at Memorial Peace Park, Maple Ridge (confirmed)

July 27-30 at Deep Cove Park (hosted by Deep Cove Stage - not yet confirmed)

Rehearsals (Tentative):

Tuesday/Friday nights from 7pm to 9:30pm in Maple Ridge (TBA) and Sundays from 1 – 4 pm (TBA) are prescheduled and cannot be easily changed. Not all actors will be required at all rehearsals or all day Sunday, but be prepared for at least 2 rehearsals per week.

Other days/nights have been scheduled to rehearse on the bandstand and Spirit Square closer to the production dates.

We hope you will consider coming to audition or let me know if you’d like to help with construction, painting, backstage, front of house or other support role – the theme of this year’s Bard is a “CHRISTMAS PARTY”!  It’s going to be full of FASH


Twelfth Night, directed by the amazing Cathie Young, and assisted by the equally amazing Simon Challenger, will cap off Bard on the Bandstand's Twelfth season. Auditions are coming soon and we know that YOU want to be part of this raucous bunch, who are not going to let shipwreck, a brother's loss, gender, cross gartering or cross gendering, unrequited love, pirates or pesky puritans keep you from partying!

Come prepared with a short Shakespearean monologue of your choice.

Sides are attached below. They will be used at the audition, but you are encouraged to download them here for familiarity.

Audition forms are also attached below for your convenience. If you would like to email your resume and/or headshot, please send to:



Orsino, the Duke and Count of Illyria, is a man deeply and fashionably in love with Olivia. Her rejection of him leaves him in a deep and just as fashionable melancholy.

Sebastian is Viola’s twin brother. After the shipwreck, he was rescued by Antonio, and spent three months in his company.

Antonio is a sea captain. Though considered a pirate by Illyrians, he considers himself an honorable opponent.

Sea Captain

A Sea Captain was the captain of the ship that Viola and Sebastian were traveling on?

Valentine is one of Orsino’s attendants. He was sent to Olivia as a messenger of love, but was not allowed to speak to her.

Curio is one of Orsino’s attendants. He seeks to distract Orsino by taking him to hunt, but Orsino refuses.

Sir Toby Belch
Sir Toby Belch is Olivia’s uncle and something of a minor-league Falstaff. A penniless drunkard who sets stock by his nobility of birth, with a taste for pickled herrings that likely leave him flatulent, he makes himself quite at home at his niece’s.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Sir Andrew Aguecheek is an unfortunate fellow. He is tall and very thin, with pale hair that lies flat and lanky, though he may occasionally attempt to curl it.

Malvolio, whose name might be translated as ‘ill-will,’ is Olivia’s steward. Something of a puritan, he abhors disorder and drunkenness, along with bear-baiting and for that matter laughter: he does not smile.

Fabian is a member of Olivia’s household who has lost that lady’s favor due to Malvolio’s telling her about a bear-baiting Fabian was involved with.

Feste was Olivia’s father’s jester, and is now hers, though it appears that he wanders around a bit.

Olivia is an orphaned, gray-eyed countess who has sworn to remain in mourning for seven years after the recent death of her brother.

Viola is a lady of Messaline. When dressed as a man she is identical to her twin brother Sebastian.

Maria is Olivia’s waiting-gentlewoman. Though she begins by attempting to keep Sir Toby under control, she quickly becomes one of his cronies and the brains behind the plot against Malvolio.

The Priest is fetched by Olivia to marry her to her young man in secret.

The First Officer recognizes Antonio from the sea-fight, and arrests him.

The Second Officer does not actually know Antonio, but arrests him,

Olivia’s Servant is not part of the cabal of upper servants who mock Malvolio.

SIDE 1 Act I Maria+Sir Toby.pdf44.83 KB
SIDE 2 Sir Andrew-SirToby-Maria.pdf33.83 KB
SIDE 3 Sir Andrew-Sir Toby.pdf43.26 KB
SIDE 4 - Malvolio .pdf32.58 KB
SIDE 5 - Antonio.pdf31.62 KB
SIDE 6 - Viola-Clown.pdf48.08 KB
SIDE 7 - Sir Toby-Sir Andrew.pdf33.43 KB
SIDE 8 - Viola-Olivia.pdf48.49 KB
SIDE 9 - Antonio-Sebastian .pdf42.03 KB
Audition form - 12th Night.doc154 KB
Audition form - 12th Night.pdf187.74 KB

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