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Please find several character sides below for The Merry Wives of Windsor. Audition forms, character descriptions and the edited script are posted on the audition page: Click here.

Auditions are April 14 and 15 from 1 - 4 pm at the Maple Ridge Leisure Centre - Multipurpose Room. Please drop by or email me for a specific time.




Side1 MISTRESS PAGE.doc82.74 KB
Side2 MISTRESS FORD + Mistress Page.doc99.2 KB
Side3 Mistress Quickly + Falstaff.doc110.97 KB
Side4 Ford as Brook.doc86.38 KB
Side5 Falstaff + Mis Ford.doc114.43 KB
Side6 Falstaff.doc70.41 KB
Side7 Falstaff.doc85.03 KB
Side8 Anne + Fenton.doc74.33 KB
Side9 Dr. Caius - French accent.doc68.58 KB
Side10 Slender + Evans + Shallow.doc106.06 KB
Side11 Nym + Pistol.doc88.21 KB
Side12 Page + Fenton.doc52.56 KB
Side 13 The HOST p 50.pdf53.96 KB

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