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We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for joining us for the Pitt Meadows production of Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding. Without each of you and your guests being willing to become part of the cast for a night, the show couldn’t happen. Your support is priceless to us and on behalf of the cast and crew, we’d like to extend our deepest gratitude.

Your response to this Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding was overwhelmingly positive and it was humbling to receive so much love from in person comments and feedback. In fact, we are so moved by the positive reception that we have decided to keep the show rolling!

At the end of November we’ll be relaunching the show in New Westminster, BC. We’re also in the initial planning stages of show runs throughout the Lower Mainland and Okanagan. As long as you fine people keep wanting to crash the wedding, we eagerly want to give you that opportunity.

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Where you’re not just a member of the audience... you’re part of the family!

Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is a one-of-a-kind comedy show like no other! It’s a fun and immersive theatrical experience as members of the bride and groom’s family or friends blur the lines between fantasy and reality. Be a part of the celebration with Tony and Tina’s colorful and madcap Italian-American families in a show that you will never forget. Escape reality for an evening with Emerald Pig, as we party with food, drink, dance, and all of the surprises and drama of a real wedding. From the first toast to the last slice of cake, critics agree! Everyone will want to RSVP for Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding.

Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding
Conceived by Nancy Cassaro
Directed by Aaron Davis

What Critics are Saying...

“Audaciously imaginative!” The New York Times
“It’s a wedding to remember!” New York Post
“Get yourself invited!” WABC-TV
“A terrific night out!”
“Just like a real wedding … only funnier!” Chicago Tribune
“The audience got down and partied hearty!” Baltimore Sun
“Tony n’ Tina: You gotta love ’em!” Saint Paul Pioneer Press
“One of the most successful and imaginative hits in Off-Broadway history.” Liz Smith, New York Daily News
“IT’S A HIT”- People Magazine
“This Wedding is a Hoot.” Chicago Magazine
“Fabulous…Fabulous Fun!” Boston Globe
“Laugh Continually.” Washington Post

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