The Little Years: Kate

Meet Rina Varley as Kate:


Michelle Karey-McKenna as Mary


Brando Kotarski as Norman
Brando Kotarski as Norman

Mr. Castle / Mr. York

John Nolan 


RogerMichael Stusiak as Roger


Grace Mary Ellen Shimell

Young Kate

Beth Scott.............................................. Young Kate/Tanya


Lynne Karey-McKenna reflecting on her role as Kate's mother, Alice:


For Mother’s Day, when my son was about 15, he gave me a coffee mug which he had painted on: “let my love of mom be x, then  (2x2 -3x)/x -3-10, Let mom be y  then y > or equal to 0, y2-y-1=0, y=(1+Square root 5)/2 “ My dogs are named Telemachus Rhade and RevBem, named by my children. So I can certainly understand, appreciate and even rejoice in the relationships and time dilemmas’ of Alice and Kate, and all the little things that add up to make our little lives a little less little.  This is my second opportunity to do a Mighton play (I was Clara in Half-Life for Deep Cove Players) and I am so grateful to Sharon, the cast, crew, my family and John Mighton for allowing me to share this moment of time with you.


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