The Emerald Pig Theatrical Society in our Community

Some are born to the spotlight, others to play quietly in the shadows. The actors may get the applause, but there would be no hands clapping without the dedicated players behind the scenes. Nor without the continued support of businesses and individuals, who recognize the value and contribution of the arts to our community. Click here to visit our SPONSORS PAGE. We are all part of the community. We live, work, play, shop, and support our community. This is the spirit of community theatre. This is YOUR community theatre. Come out and play!

Just as an average for a large stage production such as Shakespeare, or a musical, if the chorus/minor characters and dancers rehearse 5-6 hours per week and principals rehearse 10+ hours per week over the course of a 12-15 week rehearsal schedule, then you add in the hours that the production, construction and tech crew puts in to promote, fundraise, build, fix, paint, load, unload, teach, design, fix again, sew, choreograph, resew, touch up, borrow, beg, cry, fundraise some more, counsel, and pray ... at least 10 hours a week ... times a cast of 40-50 and crew of 15-20 (some doubling required) to add up to ... got your calculators out? ... 7,500 - 10,000 hours of volunteer time!!! Now THAT is what puts the "U" in commUnity theatre!

Since our inception in 2001, Emerald Pig Theatrical Society has participated in many community activities and events, raising awareness for the Arts in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, as well as many other community causes and charities.


A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

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